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Summer is a Great Time to Plant or Design Your Garden or Landscape

Don't let the heat of summer prevent you from having a great-looking garden or yard. Contact us today to discuss your garden and landscaping needs!

BelmeadeContrary to popular belief, summer is a great time to plant and redesign your landscape at your home or place of business. At Englewood Lawn & Landscapes LLC, our experience will help you improve the look and health of your garden — even in the heat of summer. Don’t think that adding to your garden or yard at this time of year means that you will be looking after a high-maintenance landscape.

Our Award Winning Design Team uses the “Right Plant Right Spot” method with all landscapes to enhance the surrounding architecture… not hide it. We believe in using low-maintenance plants that are resistant to insect and disease, as our professionals always transport and install them properly.


How can we plant trees and plants in summer?

✔   Growers ship container plants all year round, but the best stock are available in spring and summer. We can then add perennials, shrubs and trees to your garden or yard knowing that the roots are undamaged, and the plant has a healthy start.
✔   Trees, shrubs, and perennials will thrive if the landscape designer uses the “Right Plant for the Right Spot” rule… Something that our team at Englewood Lawn & Landscapes LLC prides themselves on!
✔   We use “Proven Winners” stock, which is a long list of plants that has performed well over many years and stood the test of time. These plants are tested by universities and quality growers like Monrovia Nurseries.
✔   We plant these native and cultivated plants, which are low-maintenance and Proven Winners.

At Englewood Lawn & Landscapes LLC, we offer a warranty and will provide care instructions. Alternately, we offer regular maintenance and can do the work for you!

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