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Lawn AerationOver the course of a season, many things happen to your yard. With mowing, fertilizing, and other tasks, your lawn can suffer in some ways. For example, the soil can become compacted and thatch can develop, and the way to deal with these problems is with lawn aeration services.

Lawn aeration creates thousands of tiny holes that are not visible, but will allow your lawn to “breathe” again and be able to better accept water and fertilizer. Once it gets these and more air, it can grow healthier. By breaking up the compacted soil, your grass can also grow better root development, which makes it healthier overall.  

Not every lawn requires lawn aeration, but it won’t hurt it if it doesn’t need it. Some of the main situations in which you should definitely consider lawn aeration include:

  • New construction – The soil was like compacted quite a bit during the building process, so it will be helpful to aerate to get it loose again.
  • Lawn problems – It is a sign that your lawn has a significant thatch problem if it dries out easily and takes on a spongy quality. You can test this by shoveling up a small slice of lawn to see whether or not the layer of thatch is severe. If it is thicker than half of an inch, you should consider lawn aeration.
  • Heavy use – Is your house the one that all the neighborhood kids play in? Do your kids and pets spend a lot of time outside on your lawn? Are there other activities that could have compacted the soil? If so, lawn aeration is a good idea.