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Landscape DesignIf you love the interior of your home, you have probably spent countless hours trying to make it just right.  Now that you feel at peace inside your home, it’s time to turn your thoughts toward the landscape design that surrounds your property.

Just as you focused so hard on getting the perfect elements for the interior of your home, creating the perfect landscape will involve a similar process.  In fact, many of the elements of excellent landscape design are the same that you used for interior design, such as color, line, form, texture and scale.  However, when designing a landscape, these elements are employed differently.  A brief outline of how to use these elements in landscape design is as follows:

  • Color: Achieve the perfect colors in your landscape design by choosing a variety of plants, flowers and other foliage in varied colors that complement each other.
  • Line: Create a focal point in your yard using the natural lines of plants, features and outdoor furniture.
  • Form: Shape your trees and shrubs, or add buildings to add shape in your landscape.
  • Texture: Choosing a variety of different plants with different textures, such as smooth leaves or rough leaves, will add depth to your landscape design.
  • Scale: Trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants need to fit nicely with the area of land to fill.

When you achieve the perfect balance of these elements, you will fall in love with your property once more.  At Englewood Lawn & Landscapes, we have the experience that will provide you with a landscape design your eyes will adore.  Regardless of whether you are contemporary or traditional in your stylistic preferences, we can help you to achieve the landscape you desire.  Enjoy peaceful tranquility or exotic excitement in your own backyard this summer with our landscape design services.