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Lawn OverseedingWe are inundated with words that begin with “over” that denote things we should avoid. We shouldn’t over-indulge, over-generalize, over-burden, over-load or over-react, but there are a few cases when “over: is a good thing. Nobody ever tells you not to overachieve for one thing. The same is true for lawn overseeding. It sounds bad, but it really isn’t. In fact, it can be the perfect solution if you are hoping for a lush, barefoot-friendly lawn.

The main thing is to time lawn overseeding to coincide with what you want to accomplish. The fall is the best time for overseed cool-season grasses. The soil is warm to encourage germination, but the cooler fall air works to stimulate growth. Soil moisture at this time of year is steadier, too. Lawn overseeding is best done at least six weeks before the first frost is expected.

Lawn overseeding is the best way to prevent thinning in your lawn and add a nice green color during early winter. Although the name makes it sound odd, it really is nothing more than adding grass seed to your existing lawn to compensate for mature grass that thins a bit more each year. You keep it young so you won’t have to start your lawn over again.

If you have questions about lawn overseeding or would like it handled by a trained professional, give us a call at Englewood Lawn & Landscapes. We promise to improve the density of your lawn so you enjoy a full turf and beautiful color. We look forward to hearing from you!