Your Personal Gardener ®

tree trimmingHaving a beautiful yard can be a wonderful thing, but then you notice your trees are getting larger, the branches getting a little too close to your home. You could try to handle the situation yourself, but let’s be honest – how many videos on YouTube have shown others make tree trimming attempts, only fail horribly? This leaves the question of “Who should you call?” Why not call us? At Englewood Lawn & Landscapes, we have the tools and the skills to handle any type of tree trimming. We’ll make sure that your trees continue to flourish without the risk to your property.

Adding trees into any property can be both a blessing and a curse – trees add to the atmosphere and help the environment, but they can also pose a danger to property and people if not properly taken care of. Fallen tree branches can create havoc if said branches land on your home, car, or a loved one, particularly on windy or stormy days. This scenario may seem funny on paper, but when it actually happens, things escalate quickly.

We want to make sure this doesn’t happen. Our certified professionals will make sure to get the job done right, and we pride ourselves on our tree trimming services. Tree trimming may seem like a restriction in the growth of your tree, but it’s actually the opposite. Having your trees regularly trimmed enables them to grow stronger and healthier. With proper maintenance and care, your trees will flourish. Call us today!