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crab grass treatmentA yard, whether front or back, with lush, green grass is a dream for any homeowner. The realty, however, is that the danger of grass falling from its soft state can happen all too easily. Weeds, brown patches, and grubs are just a few of these problems. One major problem that sticks out is crab grass.

Crab grass is a type of weed – creeping, knotted patches of rough, sometimes dry grass that can quickly take over a yard. From a distance, it can appear like regular grass, but up close, its coarseness is anything but nice. It’s not appealing to walk on or to be seen, so why not have a friendly and reliable company take care of it?

Finding the right treatment to take care of the problem can be a hassle. At Englewood Lawn & Landscapes, we specialize in a variety of different lawn treatments, especially crab grass treatment. We will make sure that the job is done right. Our certified professionals have extensive experience on what causes crab grass and the best crab grass treatment to apply.

Every yard is different – from the type of soil to the native plants that grow best in that soil. It’s essential that small things like this are taken into consideration before any crab grass treatment is applied because we want to ensure that the crab grass and only the crab grass is killed off. We also want to make sure that with the removal of crab grass, the growth of your original soft grass is encouraged so you don’t suffer from a spotty lawn. Give us a call today!