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Lawn OverseedingIs your grass looking thin and patchy, and you wish you could improve its look and feel? Are you thinking about putting out grass seed, but you are not sure if that will actually resolve the issue? Lawn overseeding is the process of adding grass seed to your entire lawn to help improve the aesthetics. At Englewood Lawn & Landscapes, we believe you will enjoy these three benefits of lawn overseeding as well:

  • Enhanced Color – Your brown grass will be replaced with the vibrant green lawn you have been looking for. You can pick the grass seed variety that you love and enjoy its wonderful color all year long.
  • Fill in Turf – If you have thinning grass or bare patches that look unsightly, lawn overseeding is an excellent solution because it allows you to fill in your turf and enjoy a more complete landscape.
  • Improved Density – Do you love putting your feet down in thick, soft grass? Lawn overseeding allows you to improve the density of your grass, so it has a full, rich texture that’s great between your toes.

 At Englewood Lawn & Landscapes, we can help you determine if lawn overseeding will help you achieve a great-looking lawn and can also make recommendations for other lawn care services, such as lawn aeration and irrigation, to meet your needs. You’ll have the beautiful landscaping you have been looking for when you work with us. Call today to get started!