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Lawn Pest ControlIt might amaze you just how many turf and sod pests are camping out in your yard right now. While some are mostly just annoyances, some can be very destructive and undermine your efforts to have a lush and healthy lawn. With professional lawn pest control, the top pests can be kept in control:

  • White grubs – The problem with white grubs is that they feed on grass roots. This makes the grass thin, become yellow, and finally perish. You’ll notice irregular, scattered brown patches as these pests work their way through your lawn. What is even worse is that white grubs are the ideal food source for moles and other critters you also don’t want around because they damage your lawn. White grubs are a larvae that later become another nuisance – the Japanese beetle.
  • Sod webworms – Have you noticed differences in grass height throughout your lawn? It could be a sign that sod webworm larvae are feeding and reducing the density in certain areas. The caterpillar itself has a pretty good appetite as well. They can do a real number on warm-season turfgrass. They are most commonly found on newly established sod, but can also be found on golf courses and athletic fields.

If you are having trouble dealing with these or other pests that are making your lawn upkeep challenging, give us a call at Englewood Lawn & Landscapes. We have five fully equipped crews with 150 years of combined experience with lawn pest control and other lawn and landscaping maintenance. Contact us today to find out more about our lawn pest control services!