Your Personal Gardener ®

garden landscapingHaving a backyard can be great because having an open, grassy area with a couple of trees is appealing for any property. However, if you want to mix it up and add some flair, call us at Englewood Lawn & Landscapes. We off a variety of landscape options, including garden landscaping – a perfect option for any backyard of any size.

With any type of landscaping, it can be challenging trying to decide which type of plants should be placed where. Luckily, we are here to help! Our certified experts will help you with your garden landscaping needs. We will let you know what type of soil you have and from there, offer different plant options on what will grow best. This will ensure you have optimal growth year-round. From trees to shrubs and ferns to flowers, we offer a variety of plants that will fulfill your horticulture needs.

To take your garden landscaping to a higher level, we also offer hardscaping. This includes stone walkways, fish ponds, and water gardens. Why not add an herbal garden you can incorporate into your cooking? Or, do you prefer bunches of colorful flowers, artfully placed along a stone path leading to a comfortable bench? Whatever your preferences, we can make them a reality.

Going outside to enjoy the fresh air and the outdoors will be something you’ll want to do more often by adding a garden landscape. We want to assure you that any landscaping project we handle, we make sure that the maintenance level is the same as the project, so you never feel overwhelmed.