Your Personal Gardener ®

Backyard LandscapingIf you step out into your backyard and feel sad that it doesn’t look its best, you may be considering backyard landscaping as a solution. It is fun looking at ideas in magazines and shopping at your local garden center. At Englewood Lawn & Landscapes, we love helping our customers achieve the backyard landscaping they have been wishing for, and we have provided a list of ten things to consider when you feel this is the next step for your property.

  • Budget – It is easy to buy plants that you love without really having an idea of how much money you actually want to spend. Make sure you determine your budget before you get started.
  • Adding Color – The best part of backyard landscaping is having a variety of colors that will provide enjoyment through every season.
  • Drainage – As with any landscaping, you should always prepare for drainage, whether you are watering manually or expecting rain during the summer months.
  • Edging – Backyard landscaping can easily be eye-catching when you add the proper edging to your new flower beds and decorative spaces.
  • Irrigation – Adding an irrigation system can save time, money, and water. Ask us how this can be a great investment for your lawn.
  • Maintenance Level – If you hate doing yard maintenance but want to enjoy your backyard, make sure to choose landscaping options that require little effort once the job is complete.
  • Mulch – Your backyard landscaping looks great – and then you see the first weed. We can assist you in mulching for weed control, so your lawn looks great all year long.
  • Plant Groupings – It is important to group your plants together so there is variety, balance and flow in your backyard landscaping.
  • Soil – The rights soil ensures that your plants get the nutrients they need. We can help you determine how to achieve the best results with your soil choices.
  • Sunlight – It is important to note which plants love shade, dappled sun, or full sun before you plant. We can assist you in determining which plants will thrive in your landscape.

You can always discuss your backyard landscaping ideas with our professional team, and we will be happy to assist you with every stage from landscaping design to installation and maintenance. Just contact us at Englewood Lawn & Landscapes to get started. We are Your Personal Gardener®.