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Tree Trimming ServicesDo you want to know a great way to ruin your holiday season?  Leave the trees in your yard untrimmed, causing an eyesore on the beautiful, white snow that lays over your lawn.  Even without snow, untrimmed trees can be a blight on an otherwise beautiful scene.  If you want to make your holiday season even worse, when you notice that your trees are an eyesore, go out and try to trim the trees yourself, slip and fall, and end up with anything from a bruised ego to a broken leg.  This scenario is simply not the best way to spend your holiday season.  However, if you are interested in enjoying your holidays, yet bothered by the unkempt look of your trees, you can proactively remedy the situation before spring arrives. Rather than trying to take care of the trees yourself, why not call on us for our tree trimming services?

Tree trimming is the art of making your yard a beautiful sight to behold by trimming off branches that have overgrown or died off throughout the year.  Having tree trimming services completed can save you from headaches related to dead branches, since dead branches left on a tree can invite pests or disease and create safety hazards for yourself, your family or guests who come to visit.  For example, if you leave the dead tree branches, you may end up with a branch that breaks off in the middle of a heavy winter snowfall, which would lead to an intensive cleanup issue.  The best time to have tree trimming services completed is in late winter, just before the arrival of spring.  Having it completed at this time allows us to better see and shape your trees and allows the cutting to be done before new growth has begun, thus protecting your trees from harm.

When you want tree trimming services that will keep your trees healthy and your landscape beautiful year-round, contact us at Englewood Lawn & Landscapes.  We have all the equipment, tools, and experience necessary to take care of the task quickly and effectively, keeping your landscape clean, crisp and charming for the season.  We can help you enjoy your holidays without worrying about the appearance of your landscape.